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Put an end to missed contract renewal dates with Contract Hound!

Meet the personal assistant who never forgets. Contract Hound reminds you of important contract renewal dates. Enter your contract’s important dates and reminders will be set up for you!

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Rob Marvin

"Overall, the reminder and alerting capabilities are simple but effective... Contract Hound is an intuitively designed and simple to use alternative.

– Rob Marvin,

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Case Study

Better Contract Renewals with Contract Hound Reminder Software

Journey Holdings is a global hospitality marketing leader.

In 2018, Journey needed a place to store and manage contracts – so the company turned to Contract Hound.

Contract Hound’s lightweight contract renewal reminder and storage software was ideal:

“Contract Hound gave us the central location for which to store contracts and to list out the important data and grant ownership of said docs,” said James Brown, Operations Director.

“It allows you to store, manage and view your contacts in one secure platform that ensures you never lose or miss a contract renewal ever again.”

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James Brown

– James Brown
Operations Director, Journey Holdings

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More Case Studies

Contract Reminder Software

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Find out how Contract Hound simple expiration reminder software
helps our small business customers to succeed.

food manufacturing: reduced supplier liabilities

Food Manufacturing - Reduced Supplier Liabilities with Contract Hound

In January 2020, a large food manufacturer started working with Contract Hound. Due to fierce competition in their marketplace, they have asked to remain anonymous.

Before signing up, the supplier had missed several important supplier contract expirations. This had resulted in altered terms for at least one supplier. They were struggling to keep track of expiration dates. One person was responsible for filing contracts and keeping track of them. They also needed a centralized place to store insurance agreements, so that all staff across teams could access them on request.

Contract Hound’s easy to use contract management system made it easy. The business set up an expiration reminder for every single contract. Their workflow allows the company’s administrative assistant to upload contracts. Then, she sets up expiration reminders to email herself and relevant team members.

The Operations Director gave us the following results:

“Since using Contract Hound we’ve had advance notice of all important contract renewals and have had to opportunity to proactively secure better terms.”

“Contract Hound is now an essential part of our commercial negotiation strategy.”

medical devices: increased YoY revenue deals

Medical Device Manufacturer - Increased YoY Revenue Deals with Contract Hound

Our client is a midwest medical technology and consulting firm, selling specialized devices. They sign annual contracts with medical device resellers and individual surgeries.

These contracts need annual renewal at incremental pricing to keep the company profitable. Before using Contract Hound, nobody kept track of previous years’ data in one place.

Enter Contract Hound!

Now the team’s executive assistant is able to safeguard all contracts. After they're signed, she will share them with the right account managers and sales leads. Instead of storing all the expiration dates in a spreadsheet, she adds them to our cloud based contract management software. So she's able to stay on top of everything easily.

Here’s what she says:

“Before I found Contract Hound I was just basically trying to use an Excel spreadsheet for everything… I really needed something that would send me reminders of when agreements were approaching their expiration date, so that we can review to see if we need to renew them.”

As a result of the increased visibility and simple contract date notifications, the sales leads have been able to raise pricing on annual contracts. This has allowed Contract Hound to pay for itself several times over.

A testament to the power of a strong contract management process! And proof that contract lifecycle management software isn’t something for only huge corporations to worry about.

Contract Hound

Drive Incremental Revenue

Keep track of contract values with dedicated fields – no more leaving money on the table.

Contract Hound

Reduce Compliance Risk

Your most critical paperwork at your fingertips, in an instant. Be prepared for whatever's coming.

Contract Hound

Increase Internal Awareness

Make sure everyone on your team knows the story and has the latest versions of official documents.

What You'll Get with Contract Hound

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Contract Hound is the world's easiestcontract management software, designed specifically for small businesses and non-profits.

Read on to find out more about our simple, powerful features in our contract renewal reminder software.

automated reminders

No More Missed Expiration Dates with Automatic Reminders

Never miss a contract expiration date, or other important milestone. Schedule an expiration reminder, and we’ll send email reminders before anything big happens. Coming soon: Receive your expiration reminder by text message!

contract approvals

Reduce Signoff Times with Workflows

Need to run a new deal past legal, ops and logistics? Set up a workflow — this will send the paperwork to each team only when it’s been approved by the previous one – making signoff 10x faster and ensuring a bulletproof contract status.

individual permissions

Sleep Easy with Individual Permissions

Your whole team can use Contract Hound — but you decide who gets access to what. Who can view what, and who can edit what, is completely up to you. You can also set up your expiration reminder to go to the entire team, or just yourself.

mobile contract uploads

Be Productive On-The-Go with Mobile

If you’ve got an internet connection, you can access all your files from anywhere in the world, on any device. It's as easy to use as desktop, whether you're checking contract dates or the contract status, setting contract expiration dates, or want to see expiration reminders. If you want to edit a contract, or create a new one, you have everything you need, right in the palm of your hand.

"Amazing contract reminder software"

– Mike Gingerich
Consultant, Speaker and President of Digital Hill Multimedia

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How Can a Cloud-Based Contract Reminder Software Help?

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Take 10 small businesses like the one that you work for.

Now, imagine an important deal they’ve signed. It could be a supplier/rental agreement, some sales terms, an insurance schedule, or a lease. Anything you want.

Here’s what you’ll find happens when that contract expires:

Only 1 will be better off.

  • Four businesses won’t even notice that the contract expires. They’ll continue on the same terms and assume they can continue as normal. Later, they’ll receive an invoice at a higher rate (or worse, a time-consuming audit). They’ll put it down to the cost of doing business, and pay it with a grumble about their shrinking margins.
  • Three will notice that the contract is going to expire, or recently has done, and they’ll scramble to sign new terms. They’re unprepared going in and they don’t have all the data on the ROI of the contract in front of them. They’ve done no competitive analysis to make sure they’re not paying an above-market rate. But, they’re responsible businesses and they know the agreement needs to be renewed, even if there’s a cost to it.
  • For two of our ten businesses, the contract will no longer matter. They don’t need the service anymore. Perhaps it's because they’ve already found an alternative. Or (more likely) they’ve disappeared in the current climate. Shut down, gone bust or acquired by somebody else.

Only one will be better off.

Because they knew the contract was expiring two months before it actually did.

Because they assigned somebody to look into it before it expired, using an expiration reminder software like Contract Hound.

Because they found the terms hadn’t been met, or that they were overpaying, or that there was a cheaper deal on the market.

That business saved money and lived to fight another day – but they were the only one.

90% lose and only 10% win.

That’s the power of good contract management.

What excuse do YOU make for not being in the 10%?

Perhaps you don’t think there’s time to follow up on every contract – after all, you have so many!

But if you have *that* many, how much money are you leaving on the table?

Perhaps you think that you have a system – somebody’s got this on a spreadsheet somewhere, right?

In our experience, this is rarely true for SMEs. One person might have an idea of SOME of your commercials. But nobody will be consolidating them, and they certainly won’t be tracking expirations and owners for them. It’s just too much.

Perhaps you think you’re too small for contract management?

Too small to save money? Seriously? Small businesses rarely have the margins of large businesses, so every cent saved and reinvested in growth can make a difference. We’ve worked with countless companies who think that they’re fine keeping every expiration reminder in Excel – and then realize how much money they were wasting on inefficiency.

In fact, small businesses need contract smarts more than anybody else – which is why they use Contract Hound.

Contract Hound is the ONLY contract management software designed with small businesses in mind. You business is complex enough, so we don’t try to force a complicated contract management process on you.

You don’t have time for bells and whistles – you just want to drag to upload, get easy email expiration reminders for contract expirations, and have one-click approval workflows if the boss needs to sign it off before it goes.

So we built a platform that does that – and then we put a guarantee behind it.

If you don’t get your contracts ported to us in your first month of usage, so you can be in the 10% of winners, we’ll refund you in full.

Better yet, if you sign up within seven days, we’ll upload all your contracts for you, so your cost to install becomes $0.

Contract Hound is the best contract management solution for small business – that’s why we built it. Our only goal is to help small businesses move from Excel or paper-based contracting to their first cloud based contract management workflow.

Give us a spin today, and we’ll be delighted to prove the power of Contract Hound to you!