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"It's affordably priced and comes with a solid core of management, collaboration, auditing and version control, and approval workflow features. These features make everyday contract management in Contract Hound a breeze."


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Find contracts quickly, view contract details at a glance, know who has access, & never miss a renewal date. Contract Hound is the world's easiest contract software.

Store, Organize & Notify

Contract Hound securely stores and organizes your contracts and setting up reminders for key milestones, like renewal dates, is a breeze. With the option to drag and drop, uploading contracts has never been easier.

Approval Workflows

As you upload contracts, drag and drop team members in the order they should approve a contract. Team members are notified when it’s their turn to review.

Secure Sharing & Collaboration

Whether your company has tens, hundreds, or even thousands of contracts, you and your team will know exactly who has access to each and every document.


Add a signature step to contract approval workflows with our DocuSign integration.

Contract Hound Features

Store & Organize Contracts

Organize contracts by department, vendor, type, customer, or any way you’d like using Folders. You and your team have the flexibility to organize contracts so they can be found quickly and key information for each can be easily viewed.

Notifications & Reminders

Reduce risk to your company by never missing a contract end date again. Alerts can be set for expiry and other key events to help reduce the risk of overspending and take advantage of savings for your organization.

Approval Workflows

Send contracts to team members for approval as they’re uploaded. Track who has approved, who’s up next, and if the contract has been rejected.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to capture the data that’s important to your organization.

Activity Feeds

Let’s chat about contracts! Conversations and activity among team members are saved for each contract. The Activity Feed serves as a digital paper trail for all of your company’s contracts.

Contract Details

Add details for each of your contracts including company, start and end dates, value, type (buy-side or sell-side), and add tags to help find contracts with similar attributes.

Document & Account Security

We take security of your documents and your account seriously. Set permissions and know exactly who has access to every contract within your organization.

Mobile Optimized

Whether you’re accessing your account on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone you’ll have a consistent experience from device-to-device.

Docusign Integration

Send contracts to DocuSign for signature(s) and they’ll sync back and be saved in Contract Hound.

"Contract Hound gave us the central location for which to store contracts... It allows you to store, manage and view your contacts in one secure platform that ensures you never lose or miss a contract renewal ever again.

– James Brown
Operations Director, Journey Holdings

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"Amazing contract reminder software"

– Mike Gingerich
Consultant, Speaker and President of Digital Hill Multimedia


Home Page

How are contracts counted?

Each contract you add to Contract Hound counts as one contract. If you’re replacing or updating a contract with the same vendor or customer year-to-year it will not count toward your total number of contracts.

What are Folders?

Contract Hound allows you to easily add contracts to your account. You can group your contracts using folders to organize them by each department within your company. For example, you can setup folders for Sales, Finance, Marketing, etc.

How many contracts can I add during my trial?

Your trial is fully functional and you can add up to 50 contracts. Once your trial has ended you will need to upgrade to the appropriate plan based on the number of contracts managed for your company.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Ironically, no. When you sign up for an account with Contract Hound you can pay monthly or annually and can cancel at any time.