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Case Studies

Food Manufacturing - Reduced Supplier Liabilities with Contract Hound

In January 2020, a large food manufacturer started working with Contract Hound. Due to fierce competition in their marketplace, they have asked to remain anonymous.

Prior to signing up, the supplier had missed several important supplier contract expirations, resulting in altered terms for at least one supplier. In addition, they needed a centralized place to store Insurance agreements so that all staff across teams (including factory and back office) could access them on request.

In our interview with the client, the Operations Director gave us the following results:

“Since using Contract Hound we’ve had advance notice of all important contract renewals and have had to opportunity to proactively secure better terms.”

“Contract Hound is now an essential part of our commercial negotiation strategy.”

Medical Device Manufacturer - Increased YoY Revenue Deals with Contract Hound

Our client, a midwest medical technology and consulting firm, signs annual contracts with medical device resellers and individual surgeries for its specialized devices.

These contracts require annual renewal at incremental pricing – but prior to using Contract Hound, nobody kept track of previous years’ data.

Since implementing Contract Hound, the team’s executive assistant has been able to easily safeguard all contracts as they are signed, sharing them with the appropriate account managers and sales leads.

As a result of the increased visibility, the sales leads have been able to raise YoY pricing on annual contracts, allowing Contract Hound to pay for itself several times over.

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Drive Incremental Revenue

Keep track of contract values with dedicated fields – no more leaving money on the table.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Your most critical paperwork at your fingertips, in an instant. Be prepared for whatever's coming.

Increase Internal Awareness

Make sure everyone on your team knows the story and has the latest versions of official documents.

All the Features You Need

Attain Organizational Perfection with Automatic Reminders

Never miss a contract expiration, or other important date. Schedule a reminder, and we’ll give you a heads up before anything big happens.

Reduce Signoff Times with Workflows

Need to run a new deal past legal, ops and logistics? Set up a workflow — this will send the paperwork to each team only when it’s been approved by the previous one – making signoff 10x faster.

Sleep Easy with Individual Permissions

Your whole team can use Contract Hound — but you decide who gets access to what. Who can view what, and who can edit what, is completely up to you.

Be Productive On-The-Go with Mobile

If you’ve got an internet connection, you can access all your files from anywhere in the world, on any device. If you want to edit a contract, or create a new one, you have everything you need, right in the palm of your hand.

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